Independent Lithuania 1919 -1940

A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Relgious Life
Thiis site was built by Ralph Salinger of Kfar Ruppin, Israel
It is built to the glory of the Jewish Community of Vilkaviskis
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The Synagogue
19 This building housed the Vad Ha'Kilah [ The Committee in charge of running the community]

21 Beit Midrash      Prayer House
The main use of this building was for Torah study. However,  the lower left hand rooms where used to collect furntiture
and other household goods for the needy. There was also a room where bridal dresses where stored for those families that could not provide for them. There was also an additional room that housed the "Small Fund" for those who needed a small interest free loan.

25 The Great Synagogue
This was used for the High Holidays and other special events.

27 Smaller Synagogue
This was the synagogue that was used by the community for its daily needs. In front of the sunagogue was a tiled Star of David.
This is where the weddings were held.
Explanation of the Synagogue area - kindly provided by Miriam Cohen Gil
Slides of the Great Synagogue of Vilkaviskis