Independent Lithuania 1919 -1940

A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Chalutzeem the "Pioneers"
This site was built by Ralph Salinger of Kfar Ruppin, Israel
It is built to the glory of the Jewish Community of Vilkkaviskis
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Many young people were attracted to the Zionist movement in Vilkaviskis during the inter-war years. They saw themselves as  pioneers for the new Jewish state that was to be created in Palestine. These young people reflected the whole range of political ideology.

Many of the left wing felt they had to prepare themselves  for a life in the kibbutzim in Palestine thus the emphasis on agricultural training reflected in these pictures.

In Vilkaviskis there was an "kibbutz"

Immigrants from Vilkaviskis on board an Italian ship sailing to Eretz Israel 1936
Activities of the pioneers
Faces of the pioneers
Leaving Vilkaviskis for a new life 1928