A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Since 2006 I have been working on this project.- Here are some of the highlights !
2006 a letter to the Mayor requesting permission to work in the cemetery
2007 Wayne Frenkel and myself begin the recording process and in the cemetery
2008 I begin talking in schools
2009 Eli Rutstein returns to Vilkaviskis
2011 Yossi Ankorion erects plaques in Vilkaviskis
2012 The family of a Righteous Gentile comes to Israel
2013 Holocaust Memorial service
2014 Talking in schools with Antanas
2015 Presentation of the book "Traces of a  Lost Nation about Jewish Vilkaviskis with Algis
2016 Charles Berz visits Vilkaviskis
2017 Mr. Amir Maimon, Israeli Ambassador to Lithuania visits Vilkaviskis
2017 Unveiling the sign explaining about the Holocaust in Vilkaviskis 
2018 Telling the story of Jewish Vilkaviskis in Vilkaviskis
2018 Holocaust Memorial Service
2019 Receiving the Santaka award