A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

2017 Our Activities

  The Israeli Ambassador to Lithuania, Mr. Amir Maimon visits Vilkaviskis

Hanukkah is not forgotten in Vilkaviskis

Algis and Arunas come to Israel for the presentation of the book "Traces of a Lost Nation

Speaking about Jewish Vilkaviskis at the National Library in Vilnius

Holocaust Remembrance Service

Visiting the Ausros Gymnasium in Vilkaviskis - these children won a national prize for their work on Jewish Vilkaviskis
So many thanks to their teacher Ms.Erika Anisimaviciene.
To read their work click here
Talking in Schools

2 signs commemorating the Holocaust in Vilkaviskis

1.  Explaining the Holocaust in Vilkaviskis in 3 languages with appropriate pictures.

2. Listing the 68 Righteous Gentiles and those others as yet not recognized who helped their Jewish neighbors.

For more background about the signs click here

At the Holocaust site we planted 68 trees to commemorate the 68 Righteous Gentiles from Vilkaviskis

For more background about the signs click here

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