A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Shtetl Life -  Youth Groups
In the 1930's  two "Kibbutzei Hachshara" (Training Kibbutzim) on behalf of "HeChalutz" and the General Zionists acted in Vilkovishk. Many of these "Chalutzim" made "Aliyah" and were among the founders of the Kibbutzim Beth-Zera, Givath-Brener, Dafna, Yagur, Tel-Yosef etc.

Sport activities were carried out at "Maccabi" with its 168 members, "Bar-Kochva", "HaPoel", "Betar", and the Yiddishists "Y.A.K", which included football, gymnastics, bicycle riding, swimming and table tennis.
Newly discovered pictures of Jewish Youth Groups in Vilkaviskis.

Many thanks to Shaul Yanai