A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
Josh Rosenfeld
From Josh Rosenfeld

"We have been working on the family genealogy and now have some context for the mysterious album my grandmother brought from Lithuania when she came to the US in 1938 after my grandfather Yehoshua Rosenfeld passed away. His family lived in Vilkaviskis and he married my grandmother Esther Sadunishker from Vilnius. They lived in Vilkaviskis until the German's invaded in 1914 when the Russians moved the town’s Jewish population away from the front. They were resettled in Moscow until the war ended and then returned to Vilkaviskis. My father attended the University of Liege in Belgium after graduating from the Gymnasium and then came to the US in 1924. His younger brother Abe soon followed, went to Kansas City, Missouri and changed his surname to Rosenfield.  My father’s youngest brother Hershel went to Israel and became Tzvi Vardi. He was a policemen there until 1951 when he and his family came to the US, went to Kansas City, Mo and he became Harry Rosenfield.  Harry appears in the photo on your website of the Zionist group preparing for Aliyah (Maccabi). He is the one in the bottom row on the right"
The graduating class of the Hebrew Gymnasium in Vilkaviskis 1922/23
The class of 1921