A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Now we have our own acredited guide to Jewish Vilkaviskis - Ms. Irma Mauriene
Irma, was born in Vilkaviskis and a mother of 3 wonderful children and is now a grandmother. You will find that she is a multifaceted person.
Educator and teacher
Organizer of social events
Animal lover
Ice Cream techican and "ice-cream educator
Our first meeting
Irma at work - explaining about the Jewish Old Age Home
Irma talking to a group of Special Needs adults near Vilkaviskis
Irma has a deep understanding of the history of Jewish Vilkaviskis and as well can provide a detail guide to every aspect of Jewish Vilkaviskis. Irma can also offer wonderful hosptitality at her house
Irma interviewed on Lithuanian television about Jewish Vilkaviskis.
Irma's house where you can enjoy her warm hospitaity
Irma's superb hositality
One of Irma's satisfied guests.
Contact details:
Mrs Irma Mauriene
Please remember Irma is a proffesional guide and ask her for her fees.