Vilkovishk is located in the South-Western part of Lithuania on the shores of the Seimena River, a tributary of the river Sesupe, about 18 km from the border with Prussia (now Russia) and 3.5 km from the St.Petersburg-Berlin railway line. It was one of the oldest towns in Lithuania, when in 1660 King Jan Kazimir granted it city rights (Magdeburg rights).

According to tradition, Jews began to settle in Vilkovishk already in the fourteenth century, but in the old Jewish cemetery tombstones were found dating only from 1575. At the beginning of the sixteenth century Queen Bona (wife of King Zigmunt August the second) donated timber to the citizens of Vilkovishk for building prayer houses. Jews too were among the beneficiaries and built their synagogue in 1545, which existed till World War II, having been renovated several times over the years. It contained a grandiose oak "Aron Kodesh" (Holy Ark), three stories high (11 meters), decorated with artistically engraved wooden ornaments, which housed several scrolls brought by those expelled from Spain as well as the usual Sifrey Torah allowed to build a cemetery for themselves.

At the beginning of eighteenth century deceased Jews from Koeingsberg (Prussia) were brought to Vilkovishk for burial, because they were not allowed to build a cemetery for themselves.

In the middle of the eighteenth century a cholera epidemic hit the town of Vizhan (Wizajny - now Poland) about 35 km south of Vilkovishk. Jewish refugees from there who were not allowed to enter Vilkovishk, settled in a forest nearby and the community of Vilkovishk supplied them with food. Many of them died and were buried near the forest. Descendants of these Jews later settled in Vilkovishk and lived there till the Holocaust.

A community committee consisting of the Rabbis and the respected personalities of the community administered public life. This committee managed all the religious, educational and welfare institutions. State rule in general did not intervene in interior issues of the Jews, thus the Rabbis were authorized to register births and deaths, to collect taxes for community needs and also to act as judges in conflicts among community members. The notebook (Pinkas) of the community from the years 1692-1833 is located in the Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem

From:  Our Homeland Vilkaviskis

"Jewish residents built a small synagogue to the memory of a man called Pacas's wife, Ann. More information Further, smaller sinagogues were built during the interwars. on the 7th April in 1679 The Jews were granted permission to enhance trade and were allowed to sell drinks and various goods. Tradesmen, such as goldsmith, tinsmith, tailors etc., were allowed to work in the town. They also could have a school and three houses alongside. They could have their own cemetery and practice their own customs. They could build a slaughterhouse, where they had opportunity to sell meat without limits. In 1732 Vilkaviskis had streets named: Dvaras (Zamkowa), Gudeliai (Gudelska), Kaunas (Kowienska), Naumiestis (Wladyslawowska), Aukštoji (Wysoka), Varšuva(Warszawska) and Gardinas (Grodzienska). paaiškinti kodėl buvo jos lenkiįkos ) Vilkaviškis had a Market with 25 stands. However, in 1747 the market grew to 31 stands. Moreover,two new streets and backstreets appeared off Kaunas street.

Unfortunately, during June and September of 1781 and during October of 1782 Vilkaviskis suffered several fire outbreaks. 47 houses, warehouses, public houses were destroyed in the flames. However, the people were determined and started to rebuilt their properties. 1790 the same time the town got permission to build a brickyard"
The History of Jewish Vilkaviskis
The Earliest Years
1300 - 1795
The majority of this material is taken from the article by Josef Rosin.Mr. Rosin has kindly given his permission to use this material.

A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Picture of the first page of the Jewish Census of Vilkaviskis 1764
The 1764 Jewish Census of Vilkaviskis

Transcribed and partially translated by Ralph Salinger of Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin from material kindly provided by a
most generous anonymous donor. With the kindest assistance of two very good friends, Janusz Justyna of
Zlotow Poland who I fear may have damaged his eyesight and patience with his superb assistance and Dr.
Marek Kaminski of Fall Creek, Wisconsin
Revisor’s  Register of Wiłkowyszki’s  Jewish Kahal and the entire Jewish Parish  that belongs to tat Kahal,
signed below by my hand , (the hand) of the Revisor  appointed for this inspection  fideliter (?)  first written 
(made) in the year of 1764, month
The Town of Wylkowysiki
1 Izrael Dawidowicz, Rabbie, his wife Gitel, daughter one Zelde, second Cwie, servant Gdal Jasielowicz, 
maid-servant Merge, her son Icek, milk-mother Rocha, her son Eliasz
2 Leyba Jelewicz  Po?rabincla, his wife Chaja  daughter  Jenta , servant  Hwen Meyzowicz his wife  Sara son
Syn Taywet daughter  Rewza
3 Janchel Abramowicz, his wife Gute,  son  Jankiel,  his wife  Ynde, second son  Leyba,  third son  Hirsz, 
Daughter Hodes, maid-servant Ronie
4 Chackiel Jankielowicz, his wife ,Mindle, servant Abraham
5 Hirsz Muzykant (Musician), his wife  Styrbe,  his  brother-in-law Abraham, his wife  Chinbie, sons  Abraham
and  Mortche
6 Jankiel Abramowicz , his wife  Zlate, son  Wolf
7 Leyba Joseielowicz, his wife  Sieyira,  son Mortechel , his wife  Re??????, son (one year old) Israel.
8 Jankiel Mowszowicz, his wife  Basia,  his father  Mowsza, sons of landlord one Dowidt and second son little
9 Israel Berlowicz, his wife Cypa, their daughter  Fryga , second daughter Eyga, and brother  Leyba
10 Leyb Nachimowicz , his wife Ryfka ,  his son in law  Barch Hesielowicz, his wife  Rochel, their son  Manel,
their son  Alexansander, sisters  Feyga, Chana, Cyrela, Sara and  Necha, her husband Teicowa ?
11 Abraham Zyslinowicz, his wife, sons Checkiel, Jankiel, daughter  Szyfre  servant  Szmmuyla, servant ,
Rochel,  inquilinus - worker Jankiel Leyzerowicz, wife   Bapewa,. son Leyzer, wife Gitel
12 Leyba Jozefowicz, wife  Necha, son Ayzik,  brother in law  Mendel, his wife  Lesa, second brother in law 
Leyba, mother in law Ester
13 Izrael Berliowicz, wife  Culka, sons Leyba and  Mowsza
14 Szloma Ayzikowicz, wife  Chinbie, sons  Dawit and  Mowsza, daughters  Ryfka and  Eyga. Son, little Jankiel,
not having a year ( under one year old)
15 Chaim Aysikowicz, wife  Leja, daughter  Rachame and Chaja, third not having year - Mindle (third daughter
under one year old)
16 Mortshel Jankielowicz, wife Merjem, son Symcha, daughter  Tauba
17 Juda Kufsmnien Baruchowicz, wife Leja, daughter  Matha grandson Jankiel 
18 Leyba Israelowicz, wife  Chaja, son  Zelik, daughter  Te?ya and  Sara, servant Towie
19 To?res Aranowicz, wife  Ryfka, son Mortchel, daughter Ryfka
20 Szmuylo Chaimowicz, wife,  Leja,son Chaim, Dawit Katnik (worker),  Josiel Jankeliclowicz, wife Tomba, son
of householder Mowsza Ru (?), having not
21 Szym?zel Hirshywicz, wife Leya, son Josiel, wife  Chana, son in law  Judel Berkowicz, wife  Jente, his son
farmer  Hir?z, grandchild  Berel Yudelowicz, servant Leyser  servant  Sara
22 Josiel Izraelowicz, wife  Rysa, brother-in-law Icek Hirsz, wife Ester, daughter  of householder  Jente,
daughter of brother in law  Jente,  servant Leyba
23 Mortchel Hercowicz, wife Chaja, son  Cemuch???, wife  Pesa, son in law of householder  Cernay Jebowicz,
wife  Jachenta, son of householder  Hirsz
24 Aron Ouscejowicz, wife Mindle, sons Mortche and  Aaizye and third son Abraham
25 Leyba Szymszelowicz, wife Ester, daughter  Dwera, worker , Icko Meyerowicz, wife  Leya, sons  Jego,
Meyer and  Abraham
26 Orel Krawiec (tailor), wife Sara, son in law  Mowsza, wife Rewsze, sister  householder Beyle, servant 
Mowsza, daughter  not yet 1 year old
27 Nosiel Leysachowicz, wife  Yte, son Abel, daughter  Rawzia, worker Leyba Mortowicz, wife Leya.
28 Eliass Beniaminowicz,  wife  Leya, son  Nuchem, unclear perhaps Orien, Landlord Beniamin, female worker
29 Icko Morbowicz, wife Beyla, son Simill??? His second wife Sara , son  Faywel, third Zandel, daughters
Ester and  Reyzel
30 Iuileo Jebowicz,? Pichorz (Piekarz - Baker?)  wife Dubruf,   daughters  Leja and  Feyga Lici Szmuylo, wife
Goyle, servant Schar
31 Juda Chaimowicz  winnil his wife   Freyda,  son  Chaim Leyzery Abraham, worker Izrael wife Chinbie son
32 Nochim Rabinowicz, wife Sara, son Szmuyto, second son Jeychiel, wife Jego Etala, his son  Dowit, his wife 
Stela, son householder  Jankiel, servant  Sara  child Hyzil not yet 1 year old
33 Owzicy Hirshowicz, his wife  Jego Cypo, Martha, Rawza, daughters  Matha and Merjem. Brother of the
householder  Wulf Ciastro ,householder mother and Hinda and Basia
34 Jankiel Markowicz tailor, wife Chaya, son in law Wulf Leibowicz, wife  Dwera, grandson of householder
Leyba  granddaughter Mevjem
35 Mortchel Moselowicz, wife Ester,  daughters  Sora and  Rosie, his  son  Mosel , wife  Rewze, son in law of
householder Mortchiel Leybowicz, servant  Abraham
36 Chaim Markowicz, wife Jente, son Szmuyto, his  wife, Chawo , grandchild  householder  Mortchel, Todres 
jude servant Siprynca
37 Josiel Chaimowicz, wife Towba son Mortchel, wife Freyda, second son  Jankiel, third son  Mowsza, forth
son  Owsia, servant Pesia
38 Tabish? Leybowicz, wife Chana, Kalnik Jeyb, wife Beyle daughter Rayna not yet one year old
39 Nochim Leybowicz Kyawicz, Zona Rudana Corba Tauba , servant Matys
40 Mowyza Hirhowicz, wife Ryfka, son Abraham daughter  Rachela
41 Chonen Froimowicz,  wife Peza , sons Leyba and y Hirsh, daughter in law Dwera
42 Nochim Abramowicz butcher, wife Chana , son in law  Mortchel, wife  Chinka
43 Slomo Szmoylowicz wife  Ester worker  Misyn ? Wife  Beyla, son Ayzik female worker Elba
44 Berko Lepkin, wife Pesl?i daughter Czerne, worker  Srol, wife  Ester
45 Szymzel Chackielowicz, wife Basia , worker  Dowid, wife Golda  his sons Mowsza, Leybo ,daughters Chana
and  Ignesia , servant  Abraham
46 Szlomo Mowszowicz, his wife Judes, his son in law Zalman, wife Chana,  householder daughter  Etkie,
worker Chabel, wife Szane, son Nisen - under one year old
47 Jankiel Leyzerowicz, wife  Ruchama, son Leyzer wife  Sara female worker Ruchel
48 Peysach Noselowicz, wife Basia, worker T or Froiem wife  Sara, son Jego Gerec,  daughter  Dwera not yet
1 year old
49 Mortchel Josielowicz, wife Szeyna, son Icko, daughters  Chinka, Otka Igncsia
50 Mowsza Jikiowicz, wife Ester
51 Josiel Jankkielowicz coppersmith,  wife  Zysla, worker Jankeral, wife Ryfka
52 Mowsza Josielowicz, wife Griesia, son Leyba, wife  Mindle,  his son   Don daughter  Taube female worker 
53 Eliasz Szymelowicz, wife  Ronie, sons  Abraham and Zelig, daughters Chende and  Rowze , son in law 
Szmerel, wife  Cyze, worker Laibe, his wife Dobras (j)?, his sons Szmuyta, Szmerba, daughter  Cyrel
54 Leyba Markowicz, wife Gitel, son Zu/zko, daughter  Freyda, servant  Mejer, son Jachiel not yet 1 year old.
55 Mowsza Jankelowicz, goldsmith,  wife  Dreyze, son in law Towel his wife  Dobrus grandson  Rolef
56 Dozid Markowicz, wife Chaja, daughter  Rochama, servant Jankiel Katnica female worker Chana, her servant  
57 Benio Tawilzowicz, wife Meryim, son  Szmuel, wife  Ellie, second son  Orel and  Chayka, Jankiel Faywel
Morthel, daughters  Elka and  Feyga
58 Eliasz Mejerowicz, wife Skyte, his son in law  Mejeir,  son in law,  Hirz, wife  Ester, 2nd son in law  Eliasz,
wife  Asna, daughter , daughter  landlord  Sara
59 Mowsza Markowicz, wife Rindel, son Jankiel, wife  Meryem,second son  Josiel Mortchel, daughter Jackla
60 Dawid Szmuylowicz, wife Ester, son Jundel, his wife  Sara, other sons  Jankiel, Josiel and Towie, daughters
Freyda Sara Basia, son in law householder  Leyba, wife  Eyga, Wnuczka Ryfka, daughter  Meryem not yet one
year old.
61 Orel Markowicz, wife Dwera, daughter  Jute, householder  Moatche wife  Hende, their son, daughter  Mine,
their son is not yet one year old .
62 Dawid Bertowicz, wife  Sara, son Hilel, daughter Reyzel
63 Wulf Szmuylowicz, wife Chimbie, son Josiel
64 Tanchel Szmuylowicz, wife  Chinde, Katnik ? Ayzik, wife Mindle, son Chaim, son Szmuel not yet one year
65 Leyba Jeleowicz, wife  Jochwet, his mother Dobrufs, son Szawl, daughter  Ciza
66 Berlev Jankielowicz, wife Basiewa, his father Jankiel his son in law  Mowsza, wife  Jte, daughter
householder Chaja Siloma Markowicz, wife Chaya, son Orel, wife  Cyrel, other sons  Mowsza and  Jicko, his
67 Siloma Markowicz, wife Chaya, son Orel, wife  Cyrel, other sons  Mowsza and  Jicko, his son in law  Jankiel,
his wife Chwotef, daughter landlord Ryfka, servant Orel, servants  Chaye and  Leje
68 Orel Taybifsowicz, wife Szprynca, son Leyba, wife  Ester, other sons  Zelman and  Jankiel, son in law
lhouseholder Meyer, his wife  Line, brother in law of the  householder  Hirsch, wife Oster, servanty Dowid,
servants  Ryfka and Leya
69 Mortchel Lipilowicz , wife Matha, son Jankiel, wife  Rosia, other sons  Josiel and Abraham, daughter 
Szeyna,  granddaughter Beyla
70 Hirsza Johelowicz, wife Sara, mother in law Symcha, his son  Leyba, worker Joseiel, wife  Sara, mother in
law of worker Fruma, second female worker Ester, her servant  Michael, daughters of worker Michla and Sara
71 Beniamin Izraelowicz, wife Gitel, son Hirsz, wife  Rewsa, son Eufroim.
72 Berko Leybowicz, wife  Alne  Matha, his  Leia his brother in law Israel, wife  Chana, daughter  Szlatbo and
73 Josiel Catowicz, wife Dubruf, son Dowit, daughter Gayle worker  Boruf, wife his Sra, daughter  Badane, not
yet 1 year old .
74 Mowsza Chackielowitz, wife  Rewza, daughters  Duchomlce and  Mewje, worker  Gierszen, wife a Pesa,
servant householder  Jankiel
75 Peysach Boruchowicz, wife Rysia son in law  Berel wife Chinkie, other son in law Jankiel , wife  Gotde,
daughter "householder"  Meryem
76 Mortchel Osierowicz, wife  Gitel, son Chaim, wife  Cyna, other son  A?yzik, daughter  Eyta Dwera and 
Chane, servant  Etche, daughter Corba Rune, less than 1 year old
77 Nevach Yosefowitcz, Wife: Yute or Ite, son Szmel, wife Esther, unclear Awigda, wife Zissel, daughter Chaya
Sarah, unclear   
78 Shlomo Zelmonovicz, Wife: Sarah, his son in law  Zalmon, son Mordechai, worker Chaim, wife Chaya,
daughter Ester his sister Rythie, son Shmuel, not yet 1 year old.         
79 Abraham Leybowicz, wife Frume, son in law  Szmuel, wife Freyda, other son in law  Giewyze, wife Chaia,
son Szloma, daughter Pesa
80 Moyzesz Traimowwicz, wife Chana,  his father in law  Szymol, his wife  Hodes, brother in law landlord 
Jankiel, wife Chana, servant Todwes
81 Owsiey Abramowicz, wife Chaja, son Leyba, sisters Matde and  Goyle, worker  Gewszyn, wife Cype son
[unclear beause of glare] other worker  Jankiel, sisters  Sara Chaya and Ester
82 Mowsiery Jakubowicz, wife Beyle, son Jankiel, worker  Jerb Zoria Chweyde, other  worker  Josel, wife Sara,
son Zelide, sisters  Ethia and  Beyle
83 Hersh Slomowicz, wife Mindle, son Szmuel, brother in law  Jeyli, wife Ester, daughter  Slawe
84 Szachna Dawidowicz, wife  Chana, Matha Ester her worker    Wolf, wife  Gute her brother in law   Szaie and
85 Leyba Szlomowicz, wife Libe, son Hilel daughter  Gitel worker Leyzer,  his wife  Dwewe, daughter  Golda
not yet 1 year old
86 Joel Heselowicz, wife Sara, sons Ozel  Josel  worker  and  Euyztie, wife  Malka
87 Abba Leybowicz, wife Judys, son Dowit, sisters Judys  Matha  her husband  Szeyno
88 Muyzesz Markowicz, wife Henie worker  Jzrael, wife  Ester
89 Dawid Aronowicz, wife  Rocha, son in laws  Orel, Josiel and  Wolf  worker Abel, wife Sora daughter  Gnesia
90 Morthel Jakubowicz, wife Elthie, Son Jankiel, daughter  Ester
91 Moyzesz Feygin, wife  Chana daughters in law  Judet and  Jika servant Leyba, worker  Mechlo worker   his
second female worker Sara
92 Leyba Jeliowicz, wife Juchle, son  Jankiel, son in law  Abraham, wife Dwera , daughter  Sora his worker
Icek, wife Nieszkie, his son Wolf, worker  Mindel , daughters and Ignesia and  Belya
93 Moyzesz Josielowicz glazier ,  wife Hinde, son Sender, daughter  Feyga worker  Lipman, wife  Martha son,
Berec, daughter  Bey
94 Jakub Jebowicz, wife  Mindle, sons Sroel, Jebo and Symon, female worker Teyge
95 Szipszel Giecowice, wife  Mickla, son Gici daughter  Dwera , sons Dynka Teie Joseil, wife  Basia , her
mother Rawza.
96 Meyer Aronowicz, wife Ryfka son Jankiel daughter  Rocha worker Szloma, wife's Ryfka daughter Knsesiey
97 Szloma Symowicz, wife  Dwera son Leyba, wife  Szlowka, other sons  Leyba, Him and  Josiel and  Szmuel
daughter Feyga
98 Aron Nochemowicz, wife  Ester, sons Abraham and  Echel  father Nechiemie wife  Rachel son in law  Berel ,
his wife Asne,  worker  Abraham wife  Pesa daughter  Basia son - has not reached age of 1
99 Lo Jankicle goldsmith child/children Wolf Jude Leyb Hirsz, their mother Jankiclowa worker  Beyle Jankiel
not yet 1 year old.
100 Jacub Markowicz, wife Rocha, worker Szloma wife Ester  sons Eufroim and  Chaim, female worker
101 Hilel Josielowicz wife Ryfka, son Szmuyto, Dowit and  Beel, his brother Leyba, wife Chaja, daughter  Hudes
worker  Orel wife  Chana sons  Chaim and  Juda
102 Owsiery Mowszowicz, wife Chana, son Baruch, wife  Gitel, other sons  Hirsch, Meyer and  Leyzer servant 
Berel, female servant Etheir
103 Juckiel Hirshowicz, wife  Rayne sons  Chaim and Pesach, daughter Chaja, worker  Berel wife Matha .
104 Szmayto Judelowicz, wife  Deisle, son  Orel, daughter  Chaja, son  Abraham not yet 1 years old
105 Nizel Szmuylowicz, wife Beyle, sons  Szmuel and  Boruch, daughter  Sara father in law Todrus, wife  Chana,
worker  Leyba, wife  Swera, female servant  Ester
106 Michel Jebowicz, wife Cypa sons  He?zel Jeku, Mortchel, daughters   Henie, Zelde and  Ryfka
107 Wolf Berkowicz, wife Gitel, son  Hirsz, wife Ruchel, other sons Josiel and  Jankiel, daughters  Szeyna and
108 Gutman Jozefowicz, wife  Ester, sons Josiel and Juda daughters  Michle and  Beyle, worker Abraham wife 
109 Israel Josielowicz wife Mathe, sons Josiel and  Judal daughter  Rayna, Matha Basia her brother  Abraham
wife  Chaja son Jeyla not yet 1 year old .
110 Szmayto Josielowicz wife Syrka son Jeko daughters  Chaja and  Ruchanlia, female worker  Chaya syn Judel
not yet 1 year old
111 Moyzesz Abramowicz wife  Pesa, daughter  Basia female worker Ester, her son Awigdor
112 Zelik Joselowick wife  Ester, son in law  Meyer wife  Pesa daughters Lejay y Eyga
113 Morek Mejerowicz  wife  Tonie sons Szmuel Abraham Awner Matha Jte female worker  Sara daughter  Jey
Leja servant  Szmuel his worker  Ryfka daughters  Rochel and Leya
114 Mortchel Aliaszowicz wife  Rocha, son Izak servant  Icek worker  Mowsza wife Ryfka, son worker Nisen, wife 
Ru?e daughter  Chaje daughter  Basia not yet 1 year old
115 Israel, tailor wife  Sara sons  Dowit and  Michel daughters  Chaja and  Dewra, son Szymon not yet 1 year old
116 Szymon tailor , wife Frume, son Totdruf, worker Szmuel wife  Ethie, worker Izak wife  Feyga, son  Chackiel
not yet 1 year old
117 Josiel Fawbiszowicz, wife Ilc, sons  Judel and  Faywel, daughter Leja
118 Szachno Mowszowicz,  lacemaker, wife Meche sons Fiszel Josiel Gemeje and  Zelik daughter Rieyla
servant  Abraham daughter  Jle not yet one year old.
119 Jankiel Ayzilowicz, wife  Mindle daughters Chane Matha , worker Jude, his wife  Ester, second worker 
Dowit, wife  Jego Machne, Sons  Todref and  Ayzik daughters  Chane Rochel and Pese
120 Owsiey Codyliowicz, wife  Elkie, sons Mowsza and Mendel daughter Rachome
121 Towia Aranowicz, wife Gitel, sons  Aron, Swel, daughter  Basia, son  Beniomin not yet 1 year old
122 Owsiery Aronowicz, wife Sara male servant  Jeyle female servant Dwera
123 Cantor or money changer Jecha Dowidowicz, wife  Beyla male servant  Hiriz wife  Leja boy  Zoraf daughter 
124 Dowit Basiste, wife Chinkie, son Josiel, female worker Sora.
125 Hirsz Eliaszowicz, wife  Ryfke son Jochiel Monasz, son in law  Leyser, wife  Eydel, worker  Mowsza, wife
Ester , son Josiel daughter Libe.
126 Codyl Israelowicz assistant in synagogue (shammes), grandsons Leyser Chone?Israel, Jawna daughters 
Ethia and  Rachame
127 Baruk Pierkowicz, wife  Sara, male worker Ausia, female worker Rouza
128 Hesiel Jozefowicz, wife Ryfka, sons Hirsz and  Chaim Matha Chana worker  Jankiel, wife Mawjem, daughter
Eygie daughter Golda not yet 1 year old.
129 Zalman Izraelowicz, wife Jente, son Hirsz, daughter  Ite, Reyzel, worker  Israel, wife  Feygie, sons Nowtoliy
130 Jowsijowicz Lipel, wife  Mewyem, sons  Faywel, Bewek Szymcha, daughter Eryga, female workers  Rayne,
Siortry Elbie and Chaja
131 Leyba Jachilowicz, wife  Dyne, son Jankiel, daughter  Basia, worker Josiel, wife  Mindle daughter  Freyda
not yet 1 year old
132 Abraham Yudelowicz , wife Pesa, son Leyser, worker  Nisen, wife Ester, son  Auyzik  female worker Kw
[unclear] Daughter Cieznie
133 Szmoyto Joselowicz , wife  Hodes, sons  Berek, Wolf Eusie Hirsz, daughters  Chasia Ite Feygie
134 Morel Hirszowicz, wife  Honkie, worker Josiel , wife  Rosie son Leyba daughter  Chana,  his brother 
Beniomin, female workers Leya Siostra Jey Feygia and  Hena
135 Heim Hilelowicz, wife  Feygie, son  Hilel son in law  Mowsza, wife Cipe daughters Chaja, Matha, worker 
Eliasz, wife Mewyem, widow Beyla
136 Rubin  Hirszeyowicz, wife  Pesa, sons Jankiel and Samuel  Daughter  Blume, Taube worker Berek, wife 
Hodef, daughters  Rochel  and Rode  son Jude not yet 1 year old
137 Meyer Abramowicz, wife Chana sons Awron Gawryel, worker Josiel wife Chwalef , daughter Chaja, female
worker  Rewza, female servant  Leja, daughter Eyga  not yet 1 year old
138 Szymol Bakatarz, wife  Sara , son  Todres, daughter Feyga, daughter  Beyla not yet 1 year old
139 Leyser Babaler, wife Pine, daughter  Cype, servant  Beniamin
140 Itria Hirszowicz, wife Mnucha, son  Beniamin, daughter/s  Roda Pesa, worker Mowsza, wife  Feygie son 
Dowit, daughter Gitel
141 Jankiel Leyzerowicz, wife Judef son  Josiel,  female worker  Gasia, daughter  Leya and  Chana son  Abramn
less than 1 year's old
142 Leyba Beniamowicz, wife  Mewyem, son in law  Szmuel, wife Fruma
143 Icek Michalowicz , wife  Dwera, Matha Mirka, servant Icek and  Hirsh, female worker  Towbe
144 Josiel Melechowicz Pizarz, wife Rocha, worker Gierszen, wife Chaya, daughter  Basia Chinbie
145 Leysaf Berkowicz, wife Czatlea, son Mejer, wife Rachel other son  Szo??na, wife Jochwit, daughter  Ester
not yet 1 year old
146 Mayzesz Hirszowicz, wife Leya daughter Chaya, Male servant Leyzer
Householder and family                 526
Employees                                           503
Children under 1 year of age           35                
Total Jewish Population              1064