Pinchas Hakehillot 1692
Jewish Community Records of Vilkaviskis 1692
Samples of pages from the Vilkaviskis Jewish Community Records
Although the Pinchas is written in Rashi script it can be seen and read at the Central Archives of the Jewish People at the Givat Ram Campus in Jerusalem.
The Pinchas itself
A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more

Thiis site was built by Ralph Salinger of Kfar Ruppin, Israel
It is built to the glory of the Jewish Community of Vilkkaviskis
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A community committee consisting of the Rabbis and the respected personalities of the community administered public life. This committee managed all the religious, educational and welfare institutions. State rule in general did not intervene in interior issues of the Jews, thus the Rabbis were authorized to register births and deaths, to collect taxes for community needs and also to act as judges in conflicts among community members. The notebook (Pinkas) of the community from the years 1692-1833 is located in the Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem
Pinchas Hakehillot 1692