Ralph Salinger
He was   born in the United Kingdom, grew up in New Zealand. Now lives in Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin, Israel. He has researched his family history and discovered that Salinger's lived in VILKAVISKIS from around 1805 till 1941. Ralph can be contacted at :    salinger@kfar-ruppin.org.il  

Wayne N. Frankel, Ph.D.
is a Professor at The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, Maine). Dr. Frankel's ancestors lived in Vilkaviskis for many generations prior to the emigration of his great-grandfather to New York in 1902. As a result of this genealogy/history project he was very pleased to connect for the first time with other Frankel of Vilkaviskis origin, including Yossi Ankorion and Yossi Sperling."
Mr. Antanas Zilinskas,
Director of the Vilkaviskis Regional Museum, without his help and support we would have not got so far.Antanas can be contacted at   vilkaviskiokrastomuziejus@takas.lt
Please go to the site of the Vilkaviskis Regional Museum
Mr. Algis Vaskevicius,
Algis has a deep interest in the subject and his superb  knowledge of English has been a    wonderful source of support.
Algis can be contacted at
Mr. Algirdas S BaguĊĦinskas,  who was the Mayor of Vilkaviskis when I began this project.
Mr. Algirdas S BaguĊĦinskas
Mr.Algimantas Greimas

The Honorable Mr.Algimantas Greimas Mayor of Vilkaviskis so may thanks to him and his staff for his willingness to listen to our every request.

          A small town in Southern Lithuania
Where the Jewish Community is no more
Yossi Ankorion
Yossi has his roots in Vilkaviskis and he has been the driving force behind the projects to create plaques that mark the Jewish sites in Vilkaviskis
Yossi Sperling
Yossi has roots in Vilkaviskis and is behind several projects to remember Jewish Vilkaviskis
Viktorija Riazanceva
Viktorija has been of incredible support and assistance in almost everything I have attempted to do in Vilkaviskis
Tali Aronberg
Tali too has her roots in Vilkaviskis and has done much to assist with our Righteous Gentile projects.
The People behind this project
Miriam Cohen- Gil
Miriam is the daughter of Dvora Dolev
who gave us the inspirational map of Jewish Vilkaviskis. Miriam has been the driving force behind the transaltion  of this map.
Dania Salinger
My youngest daughter who has given me invalauable advice about layout and design
Digging for Roots